We offer the latest technology in commercial carpet cleaning for

                          commercial glue down carpet.  

It's called Encapsulation or  VLM (Very Low Moisture) cleaning.  

  • This process encapsulates the dirt and grime and allows for a very quick dry time compared to steam cleaning. 
  • All areas are dry in 1-2 hours and the first sections dry usually before we leave for the day.
  •  I would compare this process to having your clothes dry-cleaned.
  • With this process we can offer a great value to the customer and can guarantee that spots will not come back or "wick"back for 45 days or we will come back and retreat them.. 
  • We also offer maintenance plans to keep your carpets always looking great and will discount the price after your initial cleaning with maintenance plans customized to your needs.

If you are frustrated with stains coming back or carpets staying wet longer than you anticipated after cleaning then this is a great solution for your commercial carpets.  We can also steam clean them if you prefer but this is the best method to clean commercial carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Beaumont , Latest Technology in Commercial Carpet Cleaning Dry in 1-2 hours
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